The way we prepare our spices is very important and is the reason why ICHAI teas have such an exquisite flavour and intense aroma.  Spices are individually ground to a specification that delivers the optimum flavour potential for each spice.  This involves using the correct machinery and grinding to the optimum particle size.  We even use our own methods to cut and dry fresh ginger root and don’t use any chemicals in the process.  This results in a “true” ginger flavour – essentially our ginger re-hydrates when infused in hot water to taste, look and smell like fresh ginger root.

We prepare and grind all our spices in-house.

With the exception of our cinnamon, which is freshly ground to our exact specifications by a small specialist milling company based in the English countryside, we prepare and grind all our spices in-house.  That way, we have complete control over the process and can blend and package immediately to lock in the very best flavour before it escapes.


Freshness is essential to the flavour of ICHAI so our packaging is designed to keep it tasting fantastic for as long as possible after opening.  Our foil packs are re-sealable and our tins have an air-tight lid.