ICHAI is quick and easy to make and can be made in a mug, teapot or cafetiere.


  • Mug
    1. In a mug
  • Cafetiere
    2. In a cafetiere
  • Teapot
    3. In a teapot
Tea leaves

Make sure you shake the tin or foil pouch before you remove any ICHAI to achieve the most even distribution of tea and spices. Use one to two heaped teaspoons of ICHAI per person, depending on how strong you like it, add freshly boiled water and cover immediately to lock in the aroma because the volatile component of ICHAI is an important contributor to the overall flavour. If you are making ICHAI in a mug then some infusers come with a lid (see our range of infusers) but if you don't have an infuser with a lid then just use a saucer.

The length of time you choose to infuse ICHAI for will depend on your preference for strength but as rough guide, we recommend between five and ten minutes.

ICHAI can be taken with or without milk and tastes lovely with a spoonful of honey for extra sweetness.