Which ICHAI?

The best ICHAI to start with, especially if you are not used to drinking spiced tea is Number 8, our Classic Chai. This is a lovely balanced chai and will give you a gentle introduction to some of the different spices we use in the ICHAI range.


If you are a seasoned chai-drinker and like it hot then we recommend number 1. This is the hottest tasting ICHAI in our range and will warm you from the core.

ICHAI No. 1 - Spicy Chai Pack
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If you like something refreshing and citrusy and enjoy the taste of anise then go for blend no. 2. This ICHAI will leave a lovely clean, fresh taste in your mouth.

ICHAI No. 2 - Star Anise Chai Pack
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If you like ginger tea with a bit of a kick then go for blend no.3. This invigorating ICHAI with strong notes of ginger in an exotic mix of spices is intensely warming and ginger is well known to aid the digestion.

ICHAI No. 3 - Award Winning Ginger Chai
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If you like the unique, exotic taste of green cardamom then we recommend blend no. 4. This ICHAI will stimulate your senses and leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

ICHAI No. 4 - Green Cardamom Chai Pack
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If you are adventurous in your tastes and like stronger, more complex flavours then we recommend blend no. 5. This ICHAI contains a heady mix of spices dominated by the camphor-like smokiness of black cardamom.

ICHAI No. 5 - Black Cardamom Chai Pack
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If you like a festive-tasting chai with stronger notes of vanilla and cinnamon plus a pinch of nutmeg, cloves and allspice then you will enjoy our blend no.6.

ICHAI No. 6 - Christmas Chai Pack
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If you like a sweeter taste with stronger notes of vanilla and cinnamon then you will love our indulgent, velvety vanilla chai.

ICHAI No. 7 - Vanilla Chai Pack
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Whether you are new to spiced tea or a seasoned chai drinker, you will enjoy the taste of blend no. 8, our classic chai. This is a lovely balanced ICHAI with a subtle flavour and delicate aroma.

ICHAI No. 8 - Classic Chai Pack
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