New subscription box with ICHAI and Nankhatai!

ICHAI has teamed up with Chin's Kitchen, who are offering our spicy brews with their delicious, handmade Indian shortbread (Nankhatai) as part of a monthly subscription box:…/nankhatai-and-chai-monthly-sub…

Chin's kitchen and ichai subscription pic

Nankhatai are handmade in batches using a balanced blend of spices and ingredients sourced for their purity. They are traditionally served with Masala chai for breakfast, tea time or gifted to celebrate a special occasion. Deliciously crisp, light in texture, melt in the mouth and bold in flavour these little delights will leave your senses luring for more.

Nankhatai flavours

  • Classic Almond and pistachio
  • Rose and cardamom
  • Almond and cranberry
  • Orange and ginger
  • Peanut butter
  • Chai spice
  • Pumpkin pie spice

Nankhatai make the perfect accompaniment to one of our spicy brews so we are very excited about the subscription boxes where you can try out different flavour combinations each month!