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100% Natural Ingredients

ICHAI No. 1 - Spicy Chai Pack

ICHAI is an authentic, completely distinctive range of premium quality spiced tea, individually blended to bring a balance of exquisite flavours to stimulate the senses, mind and body.

ICHAI teas are free from any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives - the ingredients are 100% pure and natural. Each ICHAI contains an exotic mix of spices that have been used for over a thousand years in the East for their flavour and natural healing properties. Spices are at the heart of many traditional medicines but a growing body of scientific evidence is shedding new light on their ancient health benefits. Capturing the essence of the traditional and drawing on our own extensive knowledge of spices, milling and blending, we bring you eight delicious, aromatic and high potency spiced teas.

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Preparing ICHAI

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New subscription box with ICHAI and Nankhatai!

ICHAI has teamed up with Chin's Kitchen, who are offering our spicy bre...

Origins of Chai

Learn more about the story behind Chai and how it almost certainly had its origins in herbal medicine.

Our Ingredients

Learn more about the freshly-ground spices that we use in our different blends of ICHAI teas.